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Independent Record
“Novitiate” is a beautiful film about spirituality, accompanied by a sublime soundtrack that includes Faure’s “Requiem.”

11/30/2017 by Brent Northup

Tyler Walker
Boston Globe
And a combination of modern and classical sacred music on the soundtrack to re-create a hidden world of visual and spiritual power.

11/8/2017 by Ty Burr

Tyler Walker
Vancouver Weekly
With a markedly modern feel, each scene is strung together by strong acting, crisp cuts, and a solid soundtrack. Making the most of both organ and choir, the music maximizes each moment, stirring us from our seats.

11/2/2017 by Sam Hawkins

Tyler Walker
The Tracking Board
But a special medal of honor goes to composer Christopher Stark. It’s hard to believe this movie is Stark’s first credited film score because what his music, especially the choral work, brings to the film really takes it to another level.

10/20/17 by Edward Douglas

Tyler Walker
Christopher Stark's score is stately and gentle

10/27/17 by Alex Biese

Tyler Walker